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The Multicultural Circle for Women weaves the lives of women from Guatemala, China, The Philippines, Uganda and beyond. These circles meets once a month and provide women from other cultures the opportunity to share their joys and struggles with one another. This group has been meeting for more than eight years now, and one member, Susan, described it this way: “In my hectic pace of life, the Circle has been an oasis—and to borrow something from my daughter’s vocabulary, My Sisters’ Club! At the Circle, we are free to release what’s in our hearts, have a good cry, share a hearty laugh and be comforted. All present are supportive and walk with us through this journey called Life. Thank God for the Women’s Circle!”  Circles: Due to Covid-19 meetings will be via Zoom. For more information, please call: 617-746-2056, or email: maryrita.weschler@csjboston.org.arch 13, Apr. 10, May 8 and June 12th.