Upcoming Events/Programs


The Grief Support Series has be canceled due to concerns regarding the Coronavirus.

 Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness.
It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift. –Mary Oliver

The Women’s Table of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston will host a 5-week Grief Series for women experiencing loss. This includes loss of a loved one through death, or significant transitions that affect one’s “life story.” This series will run for five consecutive Thursday mornings, beginning March 12, 2020 and ending April 9, 2020. Each session will be held from 10:00 am to 11:30 am at the Sisters of St. Joseph Motherhouse at 637 Cambridge Street, Brighton, MA. There is no cost for this series, however donations to The Women’s Table are welcome. To register, please call Linda Boothroyd, CSJ Agrégée at: 617-746-1603. For more information, please contact Mary Rita Weschler at: maryrita.weschler@csjboston.org.


The Multicultural Circle for Women weaves the lives of women from Guatemala, China, The Philippines, Uganda and beyond. These circles meets once a month and provide women from other cultures the opportunity to share their joys and struggles with one another. This group has been meeting for more than eight years now, and one member, Susan, described it this way: “In my hectic pace of life, the Circle has been an oasis—and to borrow something from my daughter’s vocabulary, My Sisters’ Club! At the Circle, we are free to release what’s in our hearts, have a good cry, share a hearty laugh and be comforted. All present are supportive and walk with us through this journey called Life. Thank God for the Women’s Circle!”  Circles for 2020 include: January 10, 2020, All are welcome. For more information, please call: 617-746-2056, or email: maryrita.weschler@csjboston.org.arch 13, Apr. 10, May 8 and June 12th.


Our Gathering Circle offers support for mothers of children with special needs and has been meeting for seven years. Mothers from greater Boston and beyond meet once a month to share their experiences, listen compassionately, and share resources with one another. Kay Pranis, author of Peacemaking Circles, underscores the value of Circles for participants, “Circles are places for being heard—for expressing what’s on our minds and hearts and having others receive it deeply. Telling our stories in the safe space of Circles opens windows on each other’s lives, giving us moments when we can witness the path another has walked as well as feel that others appreciate our own path.” One participant describes it this way, “The Circle is a refuge from my busy world, my busy life. To sit and be with peers whose experiences are similar is comforting.”  For more information, please call: 617-746-2056, or email: maryrita.weschler@csjboston.org.

Our Mothers’ Circle generally meets on the third Monday of the month, however there are some exceptions due to holidays. Dates for 2020 include:  January 13, 2020, February 10, March 16, April 13, May 18 and June 15th.

A day-long retreat for Mothers of Children with Special Needs, held at Mount Carmel Villa, Nahant, MA. This retreat is designed to offer mothers time for respite, quiet and sharing. Come away to nurture your heart and soul! October 19, 2019. To find out more information please call Mary Rita Weschler at: 617.746.2056 or email: maryrita.weschler@ csjboston.org.